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How to use Perfect Contrast?

5 easy steps (watch the videos posted here)

1. Pick a background color.

2. Instantly get foreground color suggestions that will work best for your background color and the WCAG Level you want meet (Level AA or AAA).

3. Choose a foreground color, either from the suggested colors, or by providing your own color.

4. If you used a suggested foreground color, skip this step – any suggested foreground color is guaranteed to meet or exceed the WCAG Standard. But if you used your own foreground color, check if the contrast ratio meets the WCAG Standard. If it doesn’t, you can always use one of the suggested colors that is the closest match to your foreground color.

5. Copy and paste the colors into other apps as RGB, HEX, or HSB color values.


Perfect Contrast
Perfect Contrast


Perfect Contrast
Perfect Contrast