Frequently Asked Questions are posted here. Please contact us on to obtain specific support for using the TurboCount app.

How to use TurboCount?

3 easy steps (watch the videos posted here)

  1. Take a photo with your camera, or select an image stored in your photo library. You can also use images from any other app that provides image sharing (e.g. you can use images from a messaging app by copying the image or by sharing the image with TurboCount).
  2. Select an item to count by drawing a rectangle around it.
  3. Press “Start counting”, and the app will automatically count all occurrences of the selected item. The count result will be shown on top of of the screen.

How to improve the accuracy?

TurboCount uses the latest state-of-the-art Computer Vision technology to count items in images. Nevertheless, the available technology is not yet mature enough to guarantee 100% accuracy in all circumstances. Accuracy of the count result is mainly dependent on the similarity of the counted items, and the quality of the image used (e.g. lighting conditions under which a photo was taken).

High accuracy can be expected when counting very similar items (e.g. counting a specific product on a shelf) in good lighting conditions. Accuracy may be reduced if the items do not appear sufficiently similar in an image.

To improve accuracy, please calibrate the count operation. Calibration allows you to adjust the count operation based on how similar the items to be counted appear in the image. Press the “Calibrate” button. A slider will appear. If the items to be counted don’t appear similar to each other in the image, move the slider to the left. Move the slider to the right if the items to be counted appear very similar to each other in the image. Watch the video posted here to see how to calibrate the count operation.

You can also edit the count results to quickly add any items that were missed, or to remove items that shouldn’t have been counted. After pressing the “Edit” button, you can touch a marked item to remove it from the count results, or touch an unmarked item to add it to the count results.

If you are still getting inaccurate results after calibration, please consider sending us example images you were using so that we may work to improve the counting algorithm. You may send these images to


How to share images in the app?

You can use images from any app that provides image sharing, for example you can use images from a messaging app by copying the image or by sharing the image with TurboCount.

To provide an image from an app into TurboCount:

  1. In the app that contains the image you want to use, press the Share button (it looks like a square with an upward arrow going from it).
  2. Select the TurboCount app from the list of apps that appears.
  3. A pop-up will appear with the image you are about to share. Press “Share”.
  4. Switch back to the TurboCount app. The image you shared is now available to use and it appears on the first screen of the app (the screen that allows you to load an image for counting).

To share the result image with other apps:

  1. After the count operation has completed, in the TurboCount app press the Share button (it looks like a square with an upward arrow going from it, located in the bottom right corner of the screen).
  2. Select the app you want to share the result image with. This image can also be saved to your photo library, or copied and pasted into other apps.